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Caliber has spent the last 25 years supporting clients worldwide with tactical and life support equipment in the aviation, marine, police, ground combat and special operations groups. This includes design and development of unique products and systems to meet our client's needs. An example of some of these developments include:

In addition to custom products, Caliber works with Industry Leading Manufacturers to provide our clients with a wide variety of tactical and survival solutions:


accutact – Manufacturer of innovative tactical accessories for weapons systems.

*Anglesight - Allows aiming & firing around obstacles & corners, without having to put your life in the line of fire. Rotate 360º & allows the shooter the flexibility to hold the weapon & aim through the side port at any direction. Compatible with any caliber weapon including rifles, shotguns & less lethal weapons (gas guns) fitted with a picatinny rail.

*CommanderScope - 8X42 monocular, designed to replace binoculars currently used by military & law enforcement. Easily carried in a pouch on the soldier's MOLLE & can be rapidly deployed to quickly identify distances to the target. Large objective lens designed for low light conditions & ideal for twilight & cloudy weather. A built in Reticule allows for more accurate distance assessment & the built in compass makes it easy to acquire target azimuth measurements.


Tactical Accessories
Caliber has been supplying International military and law enforcement agencies with tactical accessories such as military compasses; infrared imaging technologies for identification of equipment and friendly forces, and firearm accessories such as magazine loaders, picatinny rail systems, advanced light & laser devices, hand grips, stocks, bipods and adapters. Field usable chemical biological detectors using flame spectrometry. In addition, we supply Kestrel hand held environmental monitoring systems with applications including Sniper training & Operations, Drop Zone Safety, Combat Weather, Medic Support, K9 Operations, Expeditionary Flight Operations, Firefighting, and HazMat response.

Lifesaving Equipment
Helicopter & Marine rescue equipment including medivac rescue litters, flotation kits, rescue baskets and seats, trail line assembly, rescue straps, boat safety belts, aviation crewman safety belts, full body hoisting harness, rescue swimmer harness, gear bags, helmet lighting, multi-mission markers, PLBs, life vests, fire resistant protective thermal undergarments. In addition we supply Mil-Spec and specialized survival kits including DSK-15, JSK and over water, first aid kits, survival vests, flight suits, flares, and rations. Low Cost Aerial Delivery Systems including high-velocity, low-velocity, and cross parachutes.

Communication & emergency signaling devices
Tactical hybrid electric power supply and management systems for military and homeland security applications, ELT's & replacement ELT batteries, military survival radios & beacons and EPIRBs and emergency signaling lights.